On The Road - Shahzad Ismaily

10.00 - 20.00
On The Road - Shahzad Ismaily

“It started as an idea,
then it evolved into a game.

I never quite knew where he was.
The only thing for certain?
He was always away,

… on the road.”
- Flake

Very limited edition “Tour Diary” detailing Shahzad Ismaily's personal highlights from Arooj Aftab’s ‘Love in Exile’ 2023 tour: backstage antics, cryptic texts, fan photos, all collected and curated into a 36 page memento, layouted and produced by Flake.

Fladik is proud to release “Shahzad’s first and only solo release, ever” - a chronicle oozing with love and ethereal energy.

36 Pages, full colour Zine (300g matte carton cover, 180g pages), editioned (_/100). Packaged in ice-blue metallic foil bag with transparent “On The Road” logo in white ink.

EXCLUSIVE: Extremely limited signed edition: uniquely signed by Shahzad in gold, some in Urdu, some in English. Just 18 copies in existence.

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