“Beautiful… eloquent… creative… deeply moving and inspiring … warm regards and appreciation unto thee.”

     – John Zorn

“Thank you for the marvellous book on John Zorn which includes my photos.
I’m delighted to be part of it. Great work.”
      – Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Photographer 

“Super excited to receive this incredibly well put together fanzine dedicated to the music of John Zorn in the mail today. Was honored to have my photo included on a full page spread! Thank you FLAKE for making this absolutely stunning fanzine on such an incredible musician. Shot was taken when John Zorn and Mike Patton did an improv show at The Chapel in San Francisco 3/25/18. #johnzorn #fanzine #daysofzorn #djflake #flakeisawesome "
     – Elizabeth Gohr, Photographer

“Looks amazing, thanks again for sending!”
      – Scott Irvine, Photographer 

“I am rather speechless… a stunning piece, really magnificent. I love the design. And your writing is great, funny, with a deep sense of self-irony. I am proud I could play a small part in the creation of this.”
      – Dietmar Petschl, legal advisor, obi strip idea (Austria)

“It's a really good read. Maybe one too many jokes about Zorn's member. That was a visualisation I didn't need. Seriously, it's well done and quite enjoyable.”
      – Paul Prescott, Copy Editor, (Belize)

“This is indeed the most awesome fanzine (what an understatement, btw) I have ever read, and as I was socially and musically raised in the underground / punk hardcore scene in the 80s/90s, I read A LOT...  This fanbook is so rich, so filled with emotion, humor, information etc that I felt unable to mention every aspect of its awesomeness. It's "just" one of the best things ever written in my honest und objective opinion. Punkt.”
      – Michael Imhof, Cover Designer, (Bonn, Germany)

“Oooo read it all this afternoon … It’s a masterpiece! You’re a hugely funny and intelligent writer. Thank you.”
      – David Yates, Illustrator, (UK)

“The zine looks spectacular. It's got a great weight to it. And I love the list of days on the back of the obi strip. I'm looking forward to reading through the album reviews again but I'm going to read the concert reviews first. Way to make it happen, sister! It's living up to expectations.”
      – Dale Thompson, Editor: Albums (USA)

“Well, now I’ve seen the full Days of Zorn “product” I’m even more impressed! Is your day job in publishing or marketing because if not maybe it should be? - You did a great job, right down to the envelopes ... now I wish I had bought TWO copies!”
      – Robert Renton, the angel who got me into Cobra (Switzerland/UK)

"Arrived today... Beautiful, fantastic! Thanks so much, Sarah! Such a cool idea AND a perfect realisation, that is a rare combination! I do love most the little black paper outside as you find it on the CDs, for some reason I always loved them. Such a cute detail :-)"
      – Thomas Fischer, (Germany


“Yesterday my copy arrived. Beautiful! It's so flakey!!!”
      – Dennis Kuhn, (Vibraphonist)

“The package is awesome, thank you.”
      – Alex Werner, (Germany)

“Received the "fanzine" yesterday. And it's not great, it is fantastic! Although I don't agree with the rating of Spillane😉. No matter. It was a long time ago my opener to the Zorn-World. I would take the 2nd issue too. Please put me on your list.”
      – Bernd Moeller, (Germany)

“Deserving a volume in Book of Angels! Thank you!!”
      – Igor, (Poland)

“Received today, it's so beautiful!  This is way beyond any zine I've seen before, it's so professional.  Didn't expect it to be glossy and have all these color pictures.  Well done!  Looking forward to diving in... putting it at the top of my reading pile! … the previews in no way did justice to how great this is in person!”
      – Bruno Bissonnette, (Canada)

“Received my copy and I’m overwhelmed, Sarah Grosser. What a beauty and what a fabulous read! Will cost me a lot of money because your reviews will certainly make me buy a couple of records I still don’t have. The Elbphilharmonie reviews are also very enjoyable - and while you were not so fond of the Hannigan/Almaric performance I just loved it whereas the Hermetic organ for me was a joke (and musically bollocks) while you liked it a lot. People are different. … “Nani Nani” (I HAVE to hear “Bad Hawkwind”!!) , “Rimbaud”, “At The Mountains Of Madness” (the guitar!) - even “The Hermetic Organ Vol.8” sounds like a must-listen when you write about it. Just love your subjective approach, makes me feel like I’m part of the listening experience.”
      – Holger True, (Germany)

“My copy finally arrived and it looks even more brilliant than I imagined! Well done, everyone, and goodbye social life.”
      – Alen Buljina, (Croatia)

“Received the mag a few days ago..fucking love it.. laughed at almost every review.. especially John Zorn's COBRA... hilarious!”
      – Daniel Delosso, (USA)

“Thanks so much!  This is seriously amazing. The level of detail is impeccable. You might have found your niche!”

* * * * *

“I just finished your zine yesterday and BRAVO!  A thoroughly engrossing read, a brilliant concept and I didn’t want it to end!  When’s volume 2? 🤪 To me it’s a good mix of technical and informative (but not dry) with a personal openness (but not over sharing).  Very conversational, which no doubt is how it was born with communications between Flake and ZC, but it’s endearing.  I’m not any type of expert in this category but I like it!” 
      – John Johnson, (Midwest USA)

“I knew it was going to be great.  But WOW!! Absolutely spectacular. So excited to read and learn. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the entire team and especially Sarah for dreaming the dream and making it a reality!“
      – Joe Weaver, (Philadelphia, USA)

“I’m halfway the zine and I think you are one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever crossed paths with. And I don’t even know you in person! 😂😂😂 Can’t say anything else that, so far, it is such a joyful read, and it sometimes even makes me re-listening some of the works with a different ear. Your appreciation of (e.g.) “The Book Of Heads” was very refreshing to me. Cheerio, Sarah!“
      – Robin Borik, (The Netherlands)

“My copy of the Fladik fanzine arrived today! What a gorgeous package she has put together! And not to brag, but my humble Masada World site gets QR coded on the ALEF review. 

The remark-able (strange? visionary?) thing here is her use of the print format. Print media is *notoriously* unforgiving - almost as much as sculpture. There is *tremendous* pressure to check, proofread, field test, etc before actually going to press. Digital media, not so much. If you make an error (or even end up being flagrantly wrong), you can go back and fix it and it stands corrected from that point forward.

What Sarah (aka FLAKE) has done here is print a series of reviews written when she was 1) ignorant of Zorn's music, 2) seemingly allergic to research, and 3) prone to negativity to provide variety - and then provides two additional levels of self-correction. Most folks would go back and re-edit their initial drafts so that only the most accurate and articulate version of the story is committed to print. Flake takes us on her journey from petulant Zorn newbie to apologetic cult Zorn fan - some forty times over. 

And all - again - in a just gorgeous piece of print. 

Nice work there!“
      – Mark Allender, Masada World

“Wooow!! I’m so fucking impressed! The book is just awesome!!  The way it’s presented is beyond my imagination! I can’t wait to read to whole thing! And the obi-strip just finishes it off so smoothly, almost like an official Zorn product!! Haha! Love it!! Thanks also for the goodies!! Your Jazz haters manifesto is the perfect introduction for people who haven’t heard Zorn yet! Thank you so much for this!!”
      – Randolph Smeets, (Belgium)

“Loved, loved, loved what I have read so far. Laughed so hard at the Circle Maker review that I read out loud to a colleague. Ordered the cd too. Finished it now.”
      – Laura, (USA)