Jazz is for Wankers

Jazz is for Wankers

"This is a philosophical treatise with questions directly related to my life." - Ches Smith, (Drummer)

"Wow !! Yet another classic!!!! I read it all in one sitting !!" - Kenny Wollesen, (Drummer)

Further Analysis, Musings, and the Study of Wanky Free Jazz & Avant-Garde Wanking.

The long-awaited follow up to "The Jazz Hater's Manifesto", "Jazz is for Wankers" further explores the life and times of the professional jazz musician, his contemporaries, and his admirers. All of whom are complete and utter wankers.

- Are all jazz musicans dirty bastards?
- Does the jazz musician even have stamina for actual sex after jazz-wanking in front of an audience?

Includes actual evidence of jazz-wanking in the modern era!

12-page stapled booklet, A6.
Black & white inside, colour card cover.
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